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All about Huntington

Huntington is a beautiful and stunning civil parish Village in North Yorkshire, England. Huntington is a part of the Huntington & New Earswickward and resides on the River Ross to the North of York and South side of Strensall. Huntington has an increasing population of around 13,000 people according to a census in 2011.

The astounding Huntington is made up of mainly low-laying land and has had a parish chuch in the village all the way back in 1086. Initially Huntington included three villages with the parish boundaries which werre Towthrope, Earswick and Huntington itself. Huntington is considered to have an unsual layout being that is it separated by the river Foss. During the Middle Ages the area of Hunting to the east of the Foss river was apart of the Forst of Galtres, a hunting Royal Forest that covered large areas of land to the north-east of York and is still known in refference to in many local place names.