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The lovely Clifton is a suburb of York in the unitary authority of the City of York, located in the North of England around 1.5 miles from the City centre. The village area was created as a Conservation Area in 1968 and it is the location of famous Nestle Foods Factory and is home to the Public Schools of St Peter's and the former Queen Anne.

The main origin of the name is derived from the Olde English pre-7th centry "clift" meaning "a gentle slope" or more commonly referred to as a river bank with a settlement or enclosure. During the era of the Romans there was a road through clifton that lead up to the Roman fortress from the north-west and lead all the way up to the river crossing. The evidence from the early timber buildings from the Museum gardens and early burials from Bootham and Clifton indicate that the roads existed from the 1st Century.