Guide For Escorts: Meeting A Client 2018-05-14

Welcome to this week's article here at Vogue Agency. This week we thought we'd help out those of you aspiring to be an escort, namely what to do when meeting with a client for the first time...

As an escort, there are going to be many situations where you may be meeting a client for the first time having only spoken on the phone or had his information passed on to you from an agency that has spoken to him. In any case, there are a number of things to consider when meeting a client from the way to behave to what you should be carrying. So let's get into a few of these points and talk about what you should be thinking about when meeting a client.

Most of the screening process to figure the client out and see if the booking is safe to take is normally handled on the phone before you ever meet your client and since you know exactly what you're doing, we're pretty sure you screened him properly and are sure about the booking. So what should you be thinking about?

Confidence Is Key

Well for one, when you meet him be confident in approach. You want to come across confident, strong and most of all experienced. Clients have hired you not only because of your drop dead gorgeous but also because you're a professional and you know what you're doing.

So when you first meet stay in control, be assertive and let him know you're not a pushover. You're an experienced professional and he needs to respect that. If you approach him too timid or shy or nervous, it makes it easier for you to be taken advantage of. Stay in control but remember, you are a professional who's been hired to provide a service, so keep the smile shining bright, be friendly, professional and show your client your enthusiasm.

Uphold Your Professionalism

Part of your professionalism may require you sometimes to bite your tongue or just keep smiling. Some clients may not exactly be the gentleman you expected and can be rude, abrasive and generally unpleasant. You can cancel a booking if you're client crosses the line and becomes abusive but if his mood is a little off it's your job to smile through that and be professional either way.

When you meet your client refrain from taking everything with you especially if it's an outcall service to a hotel room or even his place of residence the last thing you want to do is carry lots of personal items.

Leave your driving licence, passports and bank statements at home. When you are working and meeting clients it's important you carry on you the bare essentials. Your person should be carrying a charged phone and some petty cash for emergencies and some condoms in case your client doesn't have any. These are the only items you really need to carry on bookings.

Arrange Transportation

Make sure to take a driver with you or arrange your own form of transportation. Having someone who can drop you off and pick you back up is ideal and if you can ask your driver to stay in the local area for the time of the booking if possible so you can leave at any time you want should you have to leave midway for whatever reason. Never accept a lift off of a client or rely on your client to pick you up and drop you off as you may be giving them the power to decide when you leave. It's best not to rely on this.

Before you do anything with your client you have to make sure the correct donation has amounted to you. Never proceed with anything before a donation. If the client is meeting you at a hotel you are operating out of having him come directly up to the room to meet you or you go up to his room to meet him.

Never meet in the lounge or in public places as he may take you for a drink or just converse and get to spend free time with you he's not paying for. Money should never be handed over directly neither due to the nature of the industry largely operating in grey areas, to avoid any stress tell your client if he hasn't already, to place the money in a small envelope and leave it somewhere for you to find like a coffee table or a sink top. Once you've confirmed the amount donated was the originally agreed amount, you can proceed with the booking.

So there we have it, just a few helpful tips on what to do and what to keep in mind whether your meeting a brand new client or an existing regular. Keep your precautions in place and most of all remember, have fun!