5 Things Not To Say to an Escort 2018-09-19

You’re paying an escort for her time. It can be easy to forget this, but your encounter with any girl is an exchange and she doesn’t have to be there if she really doesn’t want. It’s true that escorts are people too and just like anyone that provides you a service, they expect you to treat them with dignity and respect. If you want to earn an escort’s appreciation, here are some tips on what to avoid to show her you’re worth her time just as much as she’s worth your money. The following phrases are things you should NEVER say if you’re hiring an escort .

1. You should pay me

This one is hated by escorts the world over. You may be sure that she’s never had an experience like it but remember that you’re paying her for an experience. Whatever you do together, she is aware that she’s on the clock and needs to deliver a good service. To avoid looking like a clown and covering yourself for if you’d ever like to see her again, try avoiding too many self-congratulations in front of her.

2. Mind if I take a picture?

You’ll most likely have seen her picture on the website you booked from, so this one might seem a bit too forward. Remember, this girl is here to provide you with a service. She may not be using her own name or giving away anything about her real personality. It’s a very personal thing to ask for a picture of an escort, so this might not be the best thing to ask. If this is something you’re interested in as part of the service, it’s probably best to ask before you meet, otherwise, you risk putting her on the spot and making her feel uncomfortable.

3. What’s your real name?

Much as you will most likely be doing, your escort will be engaging in the fantasy of your meeting. It’s a given when meeting with an escort that she won’t be using her real name, so to ask this question could risk breaking the spell mid-way through the experience the two of you have been building. On the list of all the bad things to say to an escort, this one’s pretty high.

4. Why do you do this job?

Contrary to popular opinion, most escorts are not in it until they’re saved by a kind man who comes and pulls them out of the slums. They do alright for themselves. Each escort will have her own personal reasons for why she’s in the job, just like you’ll have your own personal reason for hiring her. Avoiding this question will make your escort more likely to think that you’re a decent person, which makes for a better experience for the both of you.

5. Can I get a discount?

Your escort is not doing you a favour by spending her time with you. You’re both there because you’ve made a transaction, and this is the way she makes her livelihood. In the very rarest of circumstances, an escort might give a discount for a returning customer or someone special. In this case, she’ll be sure to let you know without waiting for you to ask. Asking for a discount when she hasn’t offered one might make her think you don’t think much of her service, which may give you a bad name in the future.

These five examples are key things not to say to an escort. By following this guide, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable night with a girl who’s willing to participate in your fantasy. Escorts are people and being decent with them may just earn you that discount you’re after without even asking.