4 Basic Rules of Escorting 2018-04-23

Are you thinking about a career in escorting? Or maybe fancy it as a part-time job for a little extra cash. Whatever your reason for wanting to escort is your own, but all escorts, especially the girls here at Vogue Agency, need to follow a basic rough outline of do’s and don’ts with clients to ensure their safety and the safety of the client.

Escorting is sometimes a pretty dangerous profession. Though most bookings run smoothly occasionally an escort will be presented with a client or situation slightly more challenging than what she was expecting or something that endangers her safety.

So we thought we could help by running down a short list of 4 basic rules to follow when escorting. In no particular order, let’s start with:

Screening Clients

Screening clients is important as it’s the first step of ensuring your safety with a potential client. When you screen a client you are getting to know everything you can about them to make you more comfortable in proceeding with the booking. Some agencies and escorts will screen people a lot more thoroughly than others but whether you are asking a few questions or conducting an FBI style investigation into your clients life, it’s important to get the basic contact info.

Ask for a phone number to contact your client on and for outcalls, especially if it’s an outcall to a residential home, make sure to ask for a landline and to pass the landline on to the agency that represents you.

If it is an incall and you are operating out of a hotel, take a mobile number and make sure to ask the client he definitely has a charged mobile phone on his person to stay in contact and meet you.

As part of the screening, you should also ask your clientele to disclose exactly what he’s after. Any fetishes, role plays, toys, clothes or anything else involved in the booking is your right to know. Find out exactly what the client is expecting and inform them on whether you provide that service or not. This will ensure both parties don’t come into disappointments in the booking.


When travelling to a booking try to make sure you have arranged for your own transport. Either take a taxi and inform them you will be needing another in an hour or arrange for someone such as a family member or friend to drive you.

If you can give them your best smile and puppy dog eyes, try to get someone to stick around for you in the local vicinity. This will ensure your safety and give you a little peace of mind that you’re not completely on your own.

Don’t take your client to be your personal driver. If he offers you a lift to his home and a lift back, decline it. The last thing you want is to be reliant on a client for when you need to leave incase they decide they don’t want you to.


When arriving try to arrive early, at least 15 minutes. This will give you time to soak in your environment and surroundings and screen the place to make sure nothing dodgy is happening. Be wary of overly noisy places or houses, if you are in a clients house and the music is too loud or the TV is blaring, get out of there. There is probably a reason your client doesn’t want anyone to hear you and not a naughty fun reason.

Make sure to get paid before proceeding with anything. If you are meeting in a hotel, then don’t meet your client in a lounge or a bar or a restaurant as they may try to spend additional free time with you.

Make sure to meet them at their room or yours and get your money first. This way if a client does want to leave and go to a bar it’s coming out of his paid time. This ensures you don’t waste many hours giving people your free time.


It’s in your job description to provide the ‘Girlfriend experience’ but remember the key word there. Experience. You are not his girlfriend nor should you make him feel like you are. Refrain from conversations about love and affection, relationships and heartbreak.

This type of mental connection isn’t healthy in this business for either parties and leading clients on can be detrimental to your business and unfair on the client.

Try to fulfill his fantasies and be caring and affectionate without leading him to believe you actually have a genuine interest in him outside of the client-escort relationship.

Clients aren't idiots...Well not all of them. Most of them are aware they are paying for a service and when you provide that services you are doing so because of payment. So do that. Be professional and sell the fantasy best you can without leading a client on to believe you have genuine feelings.

Make sure to always carry condoms with you. Your clients may ‘forget’ to bring one and in any case, you don’t want unprotected sex. The condom is there to protect you both from possible STD’s and to stop pregnancies of course, so always keep condoms with you. Remember to always be polite and friendly, this is part of your customer service and can result in expanded clientele and repeat bookings.

So there we have it, a short list of basic rules on what to do when escorting. Follow these basic rules and remember to have fun. Happy escorting!